What types of two-way radios are available for hire?

RadioHire.ie offers many types of two-way radios for hire, both Licensed and unlicensed radios are available for hire and include Digital and Analog UHF and VHF versions. 

Two-Way radio accessories such as headsets and antennas, belt clips and cases are also available to hire. RadioHire.ie can also recommend specific radios and compare rental options to find the best fit for your needs

How does two-way radio hire work?

Two-way radio hire, also known as radio rental, allows individuals or organisations to rent two-way radios for temporary use or short to mid-term projects. This first step is to contact our expert hire team who will be able to advise on what radios are best based on your individual requirements such as frequency, length of coverage required, number of radio users and project type. After selecting the radios that best fit your project needs, details such as length of lease and programming details (where applicable) and accessories required for the radios will be arranged. Once the quotation for the rental is accepted a rental agreement will then be drawn up and signed and your rental radios delivered. Our aim is to make the process simple and hassle-free!

What accessories are included with the two-way radios?

RadioHire.ie can provide a wide range of accessories that are compatible with your chosen two-way radio including antennas, batteries, chargers, belt clips, cases and speaker mics.

Can I hire two-way radios for outdoor events?

Yes we provide two-way radios that are suitable for outdoor events including licensed two-way radios with long range for larger events.

Is there a minimum hire period for two-way radios?

There is no minimum hire period for our two-way radios, RadioHire.ie can provide radios for both short-term and long-term projects.

Do I need a license to hire two-way radios?

Some Two-Way Radios require a license to operate. Radio Licenses in Ireland are currently issued by ComReg and RadioHire.ie provides Third Party Business Radio licenses purchased through ComReg. We provide Third-Party Business Radio (TPBR) licenses. Our TPBR licenses allow us to provide business radio services to customers nationwide without the need for individual licensing of business radio operations for each specific geographic site or for each customer. This eliminates the inconvenience of organising licensing for businesses when they wish to hire a licensed two-way radio.

How many channels do rented two-way radios have?

This will vary greatly depending on the type of radio. It can range anywhere from a single channel to hundreds of channels.

Can two-way radios be used in different locations?

Yes, two-way radios can be used in different locations providing they are within range of one another. The range of radios can vary depending on the model and the environment, such as buildings that may affect the signal transmission of the radios. Our team will recommend radios suited to your specific needs

What are the benefits of renting two-way radios?

There are many benefits to renting two-way radios instead of purchasing if your usage is short-term or not permanent, it is more cost-effective, there are no maintenance costs, and you have the ability to scale up or down as required

How much does it cost to hire two-way radios?

Our radio hire is priced competitively. Costs will depend on the radio you choose, the number of radios you hire and the length that you require the radios for.

Are the radios easy to use?

All our radios are pre-programmed (where applicable) and ready to use upon delivery, we can provide support if you need it during your rental period. Should you have any questions or trouble using your radios our experts are at hand to help.

Can I hire two-way radios for one-day events?

Yes, one-day hire is available and the rental period can be extended as required.